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Learn More About Male Incontinence

Urinary incontinence (leakage of urine) can be a common occurrence after prostate surgery for cancer. A handful of men suffer, what I would call, life-altering urinary incontinence. Some men find it hard to venture out from their house because of this leakage, causing significant stress, anxiety and a decrease in quality of life.

Treatment of urinary incontinence after prostate removal

Initial Treatment

Initial treatment consists of doing Kegel exercises daily, with or without medications. The majority of men use absorbent pads. These can be bothersome and need to be changed frequently, depending on the severity of a man’s incontinence. Penile clamps are also a useful treatment, but some men consider these uncomfortable.

Dr Mutter can discuss with you the option to place an artificial urinary sphincter. This is an implantable device that keeps the urethra (urine channel) closed until you are ready to use the restroom. The patient then deactivates the cuff, which allows you to urinate. After a brief period of time, the cuff spontaneously reactivates (closes) keeping you dry during the majority of your activities of daily living.  

Watch this video which will discuss the procedure for placing the artificial urinary sphincter.

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