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Learn More About Penile Implants

A penile implant is a surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction. It allows a man to have spontaneity back in his sex life. The penile implant has a greater than 92% satisfaction rate between a man and his partner. Furthermore, 95% of men report their orgasm was unchanged or better after undergoing the procedure.

For the majority of men, Dr Mutter can place the implant through a small, 1.5 inch incision.

When a man with an implant wants an erection, he simply squeezes (or pumps) the pump located in his scrotum painlessly, which causes the sterile saline to flow from the reservoir into the inflatable cylinders located in the the penis. This creates the rigid erection and the ability to have enjoyable intercourse between a man and his partner. When ready to deflate the implant, there is another release valve on the same pump within your scrotum that allows the fluid to leave the cylinders and return to the reservoir, leaving a flaccid, natural-appearing penis.

Is there a ‘one-size fits all’ implant?

During your procedure, Dr Mutter will measure and place an implant that is specifically tailored to your size, taking care to place the largest implant that he safely can do.

It’s important to note that placing the penile implant will not make your penis larger. If you’ve noticed that you have some loss of length after prostate surgery, please let Dr Mutter know so that he can discuss rehab strategies to help regain your lost penile length.

What are the different types of implants?

For most patients, Dr Mutter will place a 3-piece implant which consists of the pump, reservoir and cylinders (pictured below). This is the most natural-appearing implant for patients.

A less-frequently used, but also inflatable, implant is a 2-piece implant. This is called an Ambicor, produced now by Boston Scientific. This implant consists of only a pump and cylinders, hence ‘2-pieces.’

The final type of implant is not an inflatable implant, rather malleable rods. The penis stays erect but is able to be pushed down to conceal or pushed up to the erect position, when the man is ready for intercourse.

What are the risks associated with the penile implant?

Complications during the placement of the implant are rare. The most dreaded complication is a surgical device infection. The chance of an infection is approximately 2%. A patient can help decrease infection complications by making sure his diabetes is under great control and smoking cessation around the time of surgery. Other risks include penile numbness (very rare) and persistent pain (very rare). Because the device is mechanical, there can be malfunctions necessitating a revision procedure and failure of the device to function; however, at 10 yrs after surgery approximately 80% of implants still function without issues. Dr Mutter will be happy to answer any further questions you or your partner may have regarding penile implant procedures. Please see the “Patient Education” page for videos that may answer your questions!

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